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It’s me Shawn Padgett,  you found my articles and now it is time to get started.  All of the subject areas are along the top edge so click on the ones that you are interested in and get to reading,  if you are looking at this site with a phone they are hidden and you have to click on the three dashes that are on top of each other and then it will list them out to you.  Usually I have given you a outline to follow in a pm from archery talk but if you have forgotten it here is a general outline to refer to.  Good luck and pm me on archery talk when you have questions and I will do my best to get you up and running.

  1.  If you are a hinge shooter then the Hinge Setup Routine is beyond important and must be done first, then after a couple weeks I would do it again.  In fact I do the hinge setup routine relatively often even now that I am a strong hinge shooter.
  2. If you are a thumb trigger guy then go straight to the firing engines for them and start working with them, it is so important with a thumb trigger that you make the decision that you are going to simply run the engine and it fires nicely or you let down and take a couple deep breaths and then draw and do it again. Never never never allow the urge to just punch be a option.
  3.  The Spectator Shooter and Target Panic articles,  these articles are the look into what you want to become as a shooter.  It isn’t good enough to just read them one time,  I would read them twice a day for two weeks and then go back and read them on a regular basis as the months go by.
  4.  Firing the Hinge or the Thumb Trigger:  Your first job after getting the hinge set up is to learn how to fire it with a firing engine,  This takes time and I don’t mean a week.  It can take half a year of training to become proficient but you have to remember firing the release is just a  job and not the answer to your shooting.
  5. Shooting sessions:  Read through the shooting sessions,  these are the shooting sessions that I personally use when I train.  I am a high volume shooter and they make my shooting fun and are goal oriented without doing scoring rounds which allows you to have success without disappointment.  I would start out with the paper plate session and move on to the running totals session to get started.

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