Scott Ascent Setup

The scott ascent is my current hinge that I am shooting with,  it is simply awesome.  Why?  because it has dual moons one is a click moon and one is a firing moon and both of them are micro adjustable.    So,  when doing setup the first thing you have to understand is the three bolts.

  1.  Click moon lock down bolt:  This is the lock down bolt that is hidden in a hole from the back side of the handle and when you lock it down it only pinches the click moon.
  2.   The Pinch Bolt:  This bolt is seen through a little window and it pinches the two moons together.
  3.   The Micro Adjust Bolt:  this is a tiny .050 screw  that only touches the firing moon and gives you micro adjust to both the click moon and the firing moon.

Now,  there are two main fundamental things about a ascent to understand.  First is the click moon,  it is not directly connected to the micro adjust so it can and will rotate freely just like the moon in a scott longhorn and its lock down bolt is the same through the rear of the handle.  So once you loosen the pinch bolt between the two moons it will rotate freely.  Now the second thing is the firing moon,  it is actually spring loaded and that spring rotates it into the micro adjust screw.  This is very important because it allows you to speed up or slow down the firing moon and the moon stays firmly planted against the micro adjust screw.

For setup to begin I would lock down the click moon just snug and loosen the pinch bolt and this part is to save you from punching yourself in the face.  I need you to turn the firing moon at least 1/16 of a inch higher than the click moon so that you can come to click and not accidentally fire.  1/16 of a inch is a huge amount of rotation so you can now work on your click moon setting.  So once you have that 1/16 inch setting tighten the pinch bolt,  this locks down that safe setting of the firing moon.

  1.  Step one,  with a target in front of you at 10 or so yards and with a arrow nocked draw back with a j-hook grip on the hinge and settle into the shot,  then release the thumb peg.  At this point absolutely do not try to fire the release,  all you do is release the peg slowly and see if the release clicks.  There are only three choices here,  the release clicked as you tried to draw the bow or the release clicked as you released the peg or the release did not click at all.  So,  if the release clicked as you drew it is way to fast so slow it down.  If the release did not click then speed it up.  The key here is to not rotate the hinge at all to make it click ,  we need the ascent to click on its own as you release the thumb peg.  When you release the thumb peg the handle will rotate a little and we need it to click during this small amount of rotation.  Once you have the click moon set to where you come to anchor and release the peg and it clicks on its own you are good to go and can lock it down with the click moon lock down bolt through the rear of the handle.

2.  Now we are ready to set up the firing moon.  Right now the firing moon is set at 1/16 of gap between the click happening and it firing which is a huge amount of rotation.  So,  loosen the pinch bolt and leave it loose.  In fact you may never tighten it again.  The click moon is already locked down and the pinch bolt can not fall out so do not worry about it.  Having it loose now allows us to make micro adjusts over and over to the firing moon without needing to unlock it.  So come to full draw and release the click moon and allow your hand to execute for about 5 seconds and then let down because it isn't going to fire.  Do not try to fire the hinge,  simply execute the shot for 5 seconds and let down.  Now take the little allen wrench and do a quarter turn and repeat drawing and executing and letting down.  Do this over and over again until sooner or later you are going to come to anchor and get to click and execute and it is going to fire.


3.  Now you are ready to spend a couple weeks nailing down the perfect firing moon setting that really compliments your shooting.  You do not want it to fast or slow,  I personally want my hinge to fire right around 2.5 seconds after starting my execution so I simply micro adjust the firing moon until this is happening.


I have not mentioned it yet because once you put in the blue lock tight it dries pretty soon and your micro adjust screw is nice and tight.  So,  I am going to recommend to you that waiting until you have done this setup for the first time and then put in the blue lock tight.    So I am going to assume you have the hinge set up pretty darn good,  now tighten the pinch bolt and lock the firing moon to the click moon.  Now you can back out the micro adjust screw and put a drop of blue lock tight on it.  Now put it back in and bottom it out on the moon lightly and loosen the pinch bolt.  I absolutely do not recommend keeping the pinch bolt tight,  it causes problems and I would not do it.  Secondly by having the blue lock tight in the micro adjust screw it will keep the setting perfect and you can make little adjustments over and over without needing to loosen any lock bolts.


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