Rythm Shooting

Rhythm Shooting:

When you do the rhythm shooting drill you are going to miss the spot many times and this drill gives you permission to miss which is the most valuable thing about this drill so I have to ask you to accept it before you even know what the drill is going to ask you to do. Accept the fact that the drill will cause you to miss the spot.

So here it is, Rythm Shooting:

Put up a 5-spot target, then you are going to draw your bow and settle into the anchor and peep sight with your sight pin in the blue. You are not going to move the pin over to the x. Then start your execution of the shot while you are still in the blue and also start moving your pin over to the x and when you get to the x continue the execution and allow your pin to float on the x.


Depending on when your release fires you may hit blue if it fires just after starting the execution or it could fire on the way to the x or it could fire while on the x, The fact is we don't care when it fires during this drill. We are simply executing smoothly and learning the timing of our execution. In all reality it only takes a second or so for your pin to move from the blue to the x so if you are actually running a firing engine they will take a good 3 to 4 seconds to actually do the job give or take. So, for everyone I have ever done this drill with they make it to the x before the release fires and they shoot freaking awesome. So good in fact that they want to shoot competitions with rhythm shooting, that is the effect that it has on people. It is the permission that you have given to your shooting to miss that allows you to really enjoy your shooting for the first time in most cases. Yeah, you are going to shoot the blue and the white outside the x from time to time but your brain will allow this to happen because you weren't on the x when you started and you can let go of those shots with no frustration. But it is the shots where you haven't fired yet and you show up on the x and a second or so later the release fires without a bunch of mental baggage that make this drill so awesome.

It is a full shooting session and I suggest that for the first few days you do it every day, then in the following weeks you do it one day a week. This allows you to aim normally most days but that one day this drill reminds you what it feels like to not have that mental baggage, over the weeks it rubs off on your normal shooting and will become reality.

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