Becoming a Member

Coaching Options:

Choose the type of coaching you would like to receive from me and then contact me either by email or phone call or on archery talk.  My email is and my phone number is            417-988-5312.   Padgett is my username on archery talk and you can always find me there in a pm.  Once payment is made to on Paypal we will begin.

  1.  Access to the website only:  This package is very popular and is only $10 dollars,  Simply go to paypal and send me 10 bucks and then I will send you a username and password.  Do not try and register yourself,  it sucks and is confusing.  Send me: (Username), (First, Last Name), (Email).  With this stuff I will register you and send you the password in a email or a pm on archery talk and you are up and running.  At anytime if you upgrade to the online coaching  this 10 dollars is credited to it.
  2. Online Coaching:  With this you get to talk to me on the phone anytime and go over your progress and send me pictures and videos and I go over them.  We can use phones and emails and pm's in archery talk to work on things.  There is no time limit and as the months and years go by and things come up we can go over them.  $25 dollars.   Working on your shooting form is usually a couple weeks and then we transition over into execution of smooth shots.

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